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Comune di Cupramontana

Telephone: +39 - 0731 - 786811



In 2012 in order to protect and give value to local traditional food and agricultural activities, the Municipal Denomination “Cupramontana” was established.

The creator of the municipal denomination was Luigi Veronelli, Italian intellectual and gourmet among the most important ever.

The Municipal Denomination is not a mark of quality, but the identity card of a product, a certificate that binds in an anagraphical way a product/production to the historical place of origin.

In other words, it is a sort of certificate notarized by the Mayor, the First Citizen, following a municipal deliberation that identifies with a few simple parameters, the place of “birth” and of “growth” of a product that has a strong and significant identity value for a community.

It is a conscious approach that many municipalities in Italy have conceived as a safeguard of their own
productions and endogenous development of its territory, while at the same time it also means to promote externally the cultural and historical specificities of their territory.

With the registration by the Ministry of Economic Development of a special collective geographical mark, the De. Co. Cupramontana intends to promote those products and traditional recipes that - lacking the protections guaranteed by EU-recognized brands - are yet considered crucial for the identity and local culture.


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