Comune di Cupramontana

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Bee over a flower


The Marche region maintains an ancient tradition of beekeeping with a widespread distribution throughout the territory.

The unique landscape of Jesi and its castles, interspersed with ravines, banks, ditches and water flows allows multiple cultivation of fodder (alfalfa, lupinella, etc.) or that from seed (sunflower, coriander, etc.) circumscribed by shrubs and hedges rich in wild flowers and generous nectar and pollen.

Bees produce various types of honey in Cupramontana:

Acacia honey (light-transparent, always liquid, with a sweet and delicate taste)
Sunflower honey (golden yellow, firm, compact, with a light and characteristic flavor)
Wildflower honey (from light yellow to dark brown; it is the most diverse in fragrance and flavor)
Honeydew honey (from dark amber to black with greenish hues, semi-liquid or soft, with a strong aroma).

The most special is the Oak Honeydew honey, rich in minerals and ideal even in pairing with cheese.