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Sour Cherry Wine


The product is commonly known under the name of “vino di visciole”, sour cherry wine. This wine aromatized with sour cherries has been for several centuries an artisanal production of the Vallesina countryside.

There are recipes dating back to the mid-nineteenth century and one labeled “vino di visciola” from Cupramontana around 1925 (Museum of the label, Cupramontana).

It is a traditional “liqueur” served at the end of a meal which is accompanied with the local traditional desserts (especially pastries and sweets typical of the Christmas tradition, and the Carnival of Vallesina) but it is also paired with chocolate or consumed as a meditation drink.

It has an intense ruby red color with reflections of violet; the nose presents perceptions of sour cherries, jam and very ripe red fruit.

The taste on the palate transmits considerable softness while maintaining good acidity; there is an elevated persistence of flavors and aromas with a moderately bitter aftertaste.

The sour cherry wine differs from “Visner” as in the preparation the must is used in place of the wine.