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Farmers killing a pigThe division of the agricultural “risk” of multiple crops inherent in the sharecropping system is the basis of the great biodiversity of the Marche region and of the variation of its landscape.

The true traditional cuisine of the Marche region was born in this context.
Consumed are a lot of pasta, especially egg pastas, polenta, homemade bread, legumes, vegetables, almost all of its production.

The small farm animals were utilized the most while the consumption of the meat of large animals was decidedly less common.

Every year a pig, fed mostly with scraps from the farm, was slaughtered, providing fat and meat, mainly in the form of cold cuts, for the entire next year.

Olive oil was used often raw, and replaced by fat or lard in the preparation
of dishes.

Other grown animals and, above all, calves and young bulls were instead transferred to the town’s butchers: they were too precious and well paid for to be consumed at home.