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Many of the traditional recipes are based on farm animals, true masters of farmyard sharecropping in the Marche region.

If the farmer required a chicken for the master, the housewife of the farm killed the animal, plucked it, dissected it, cleaned it and took the torso ready to be put in the oven of the master’s house.

In the farmer’s house remained the innards, often even the discarded feet and head but they were meat, protein and not to be wasted.

At that time everything would get reused for one of the classic Marche sauces, that of the chicken innards made up the condiment for the tagliatelle festival or for the vincisgrassi of the Marche region.

Another classic sauce, particularly of Cupramontana, was and is still today duck ragú.

Even the rabbit in porchetta was easy to execute: wild fennel was omnipresent in the countryside and garlic was never lacking in the garden.

Sometimes one granted themself the “luxury” of preserved fish such as salt cod and herring, economical and to be consumed sparingly, perhaps as a condiment for polenta.



Thinking of the traditional seasonings of the local first-course dishes in Cupramontana one must make reference to Duck Ragú.

It is the most widely used sauce in the farming tradition, the true workhorse of the local trattorias as well as one of the most important sauces found in the local festivals, paired with gnocchi, pappardelle, tagliatelle. With the Municipal Denomination it means to protect and enhance the traditional recipe, as revealed by many texts and documents.




Housewife cooking

Rabbit in porchetta is a typical culinary preparation of central Italy and in particular the Marche region.

The Municipal Denomination “Rabbit in Porchetta of Cupramontana” intends to protect and enhance the traditional recipe of this historical dish of Cupramontana, still widespread in local taverns and festivals, starting with the famous grape festival Sagra dell’Uva.